Garde Foi Langue Loi

That's my family motto, meaning "Protect Faith, Language and Law"


I’m not a scholar, yet I like to learn and understand. If I stumble upon interesting information, nice books, or a great point in the sermon, I’ll write about it. I can’t choose a saint because they are all amazing, so I’ll just go with Pope Saint John Paul II because he is my patron saint… and Saint Marc the evangelist, because he is also my patron saint. Some might call me a traditionalist because I love Latin, but I don’t think it’s  accurate. I just love the Catholic Faith as a whole, and so it is quite normal that I love Latin, which is the language of the Church. Talking of language, I also love French who is my native language, and I am starting a French version of this site!

Some out of context information is that I’m a bird freak, I like photography (here’s my website), and I’m the kind of person who will ask a jehovah’s witnesses to stay longer to talk (or debate) about the Bible and Catholicism. If you like to discuss with protestants, or any other kind of heretics, or if you’re a Catholic who like Latin, this might just be the perfect site for you.

Thank you for reading!